30 Dec 2008

Stay on the sofa boy!

Finally got out on the bike today! Unfortunately I could not get going, this may have been due to the -zero temperature and the wind which made it hard for my muscles to flow. When i got to Rivington it got colder, lots.

The plan was to do a 30 mile round trip Rivington pike to Darwen tower home via Abbey village and Hoghton, in the end it was the pike and back home on the fastest route I know. It was good fun I did an old loop I used to do with the boys back in the day, and as every thing was frozen it made the final decent a lot more technical!!

I over took some guy on a rigid Raleigh of some description with a child's seat rattling away, he decided to chase me all the way home which warmed me a little (the icy head wind was now a loving tail wind), he gave me a good run for my money keeping close even on the climbs. Thanks random bike rider whoever you are.

Once home and my feet had defrosted (must get some decent winter socks(no overshoes allowed as they look gimpy!!) before next ride) a cup of hot choc did the rest.
26.99 miles not bad for a mince pie eating fat boy, now where's that sofa?

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