1 Jan 2009

Procduct reviews - Burner World official calender 2009

Brilliant, a calender that showcases the 1980's Raleigh Burner, lovingly restored by some wealthy mad men!!

The cover displays all the bikes entered in the 2008 bike of the month competition, and each month has a picture of the winning bike for that month, all of the winners are mint, Junes a belter!!

Although the month of December holds a special place for the Cancer Research charity build, which is built each year at the Burner Bash.

For more info check out http://www.burnerworld.co.uk/

Respect goes out to the Beard who seems to keep the site going on a few brass buttons, whilst taking abuse off most members, cheers Dave.

Just need to decide where to hang it, home or work, not sure if the monkeys at work will dig it!! 10 out of 10