3 May 2010

Large hills = pain

Fancy a day out riding in the Yorkshire dales? The text message from Dave sounded very inviting and to which I replied yes, Sunday morning came and off we tootled to meet up with Rich at Gisburn Forrest. Bikes out gear on and off we sped to Yorkshire. At first I was confused, don't remember this hill or that hill despite Rich and Dave telling me I have been before. Had a few new bits of kit to try out, Oakley Jawbones (Performed billiantly, did not move out of position and vision was clear as a bell) and Evoc backpack. After a few big hills going up, which Dave seems to love and Me and Rich seem to crave a uplift.

I notice a slight wobble in my drive side crank arm, pulled over to check it out, Dave and Rich sped on, this was a chance to try my whistle that had been beautifully designed and built into the chest clip on my Evoc backpack, SWWWWWSHP!!!!! The guys did not hear and carried on (novelty parts on MTB are useless unles it's a bottle opener). After checking a tightening my crank off I went to catch them up (which basically means me tracking them with all my skills recently acquired from watching Ray Mears, unfortunately its not rained enough to leave tyre tracks and there are no cow pies on this road, thank god for mobile phones) two mobile calls later I was back with the pack.

The Hills were relentless, and my lower back pain was not helping my brain think about the trail, however there where some awesome descents, flick over a rock, get some air on the water bar tight corner quick dab on the brakes, going to fast, I decided to slam on but the ground was to loose and I only managed to scrub off a little speed, over the bars avoid the tree, land on my feet with cat like reflexes (or pure luck), check the bike, it's still alive so on we go,

To watch Dave ride is amazing, he has so much power and pace, you can tell he holds back a little when out with us, I wish sometimes I could follow him without having to watch the trail, I could probably learn tons of skills!!
The climb out of Malham finished me off, the ride had been fun and challenging but when I finally got over the hill at Malham I was fecked, we where still miles away from our end destination so I kept my legs spinning and it was worth it as the last descent came into view, fast and furious my brain woke up and I forgot about the pain, the rocky descent was magical strewn with white rocks polished by many a walker and rider, drops and jumps where all taken cleanly, my brain was buzzing looking for the best line and not necessarily the smoothest, I wanted to take risk, push my skills, going down hill is my thing, I love it, with each section or turn I feel more alive than at any other moment in my life.

When we finally return to Gisburn, we tackle a few sections of the trail which have survived the harsh winter and the constant bashing it received from our two wheeled brothers.

At the car park it was time for a sit rep, Dave no injuries no broken bike parts, Rich the same, me bruised/cut knee, bruised shoulder, broken crank set, worth every penny thank you Yorkshire.

Big cheesy grin intact we head home, my heads still buzzing, whens the next ride it whispers, soon brain soon!!

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