1 Feb 2011

Progresive skills

Has it really been that long, I as been so busy preparing for my big day I have not had time to blog?

The above statement is what Americans call BS, I'm just lazy. so my new years resolution is to write at least once a month.

What have I been doing? well riding mostly, selling all my old school bmx's and my specialized enduro to make way for a carbon Santacruz Nomad, I failed but I did manage to get a Nomad on the cheap and I am in the process of pimping it out, I also got a new cove stiffee Frame and that's due to be finished this month and its awesome.

I spent the later part of last year getting all the required kit to go to Whistler this summer (once in a lifetime trip/before I'm to old to enjoy it).

I have also been to loads of bike parks with Dave getting my mojo/skills tuned so I can PIN IT in Whistler and not look a lame ass!!

Will keep my blog updated with progress reports (promise).

God I feel like buzzkillington, this blog is lame!
IT WILL GET BETTER ;-) Bring on the summer

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