13 Apr 2009

Sunday, sunny Sunday

Sunday was by far the best day so far, not that British summertime has arrived. I decided to do a 30mile loop, my house to Rivington over the pike to Darwen, through Abbey village and home via Houghton.
It would have been a fantastic day if I had chosen the right weapon, the Specialized 29er ran OK, but and its a big BUT!!! the wheel could not handle the terrain, at one point the front wheel buckled and i had to get off and re-adjust the wheel adding 30 Min's to my otherwise perfect day.
From now on it's my commute bike, end of fecking list!! it's a good job i did not pay full shop price for it cause i would have asked for my cash back. or maybee i'm just bitching and should check my spoke tension before every ride, LOL

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