7 May 2009

Burner Bash 09

Popped down to the Burner Bash 2009 at the weekend, thanks for the warm welcome everyone. What a cool day, despite feeling sick we drove down from Preston to Stanford Hall in Leicestershire. It was a long drive and much monster was consumed, but when we got there what a treat, burner and other bmx's as far as the eyes could see!! Billy my mate was spending cash left, right and centre LOL. check out what i thought where the best two bikes of the show.

I also received a a trophy for way back in June 2008 for my resto/build of the month which was this.

I really has a great time, despite feeling ill and i cant wait for next year roll on BB 2010. here's a pic of my trophy for you all to enjoy.

More bmx stuff to follow me thinks as the real english summer has arrived, keep it cool, keep it olds-cool.

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