16 Aug 2009

Lee quary revisited

Early start today, dog walk, breakfast, wait for Dave, stick bikes and kit in back of the berlingo, attempt to stay within the speed limit without the use of a dash board!!! We parked up and got into character a few moments later Jason turned up with his lad Mike. We all popped off to do a lap of what I must say is a fantastic loop, Jason and Dave were on their spangly new Ragly Ti 29'rs, Mike was on a DMR HT (i think !!! my short term memory is shocking these days!!) My weapon of choice was my Specialized Enduro, not a bad choice but for this ageing smokers lungs it did not seem the right choice on the first climb!!! however it was a good ride and my bike performed well, as I approached the rock garden on the first part of the descent I noticed I had an audience, Dave taking pics, Simon and Mike watching from the side line, no pressure then!!! I had not lowered my seat before the descent, not my wisest moment, hit the rocky corner slight two wheel drift as the high roller tyres struggled for traction, slowed down to compensate, got too far over the bars, front wheel hit a rut, forks compressed, got up close and uncomfortable with the floor, check to see who was looking, everyone, used my catchphrase "did anyone get a picture of that" no, good, and we continued on our way.

Dave and Simon decided to do another lap, in my head I had decided to take the short route back to the rock garden and kill it, had a pork and pickle pie then set off again. Saddle down short run and drop into the corner, no drift this time, good start, chose a good line final countdown playing in my head for some strange reason, da da daa da ping!! WTF was that, my front wheel had developed a wobble to say the least, slammed on the rear brake to check it out!!!

The thread on my front wheel skewer had shredded and pinged off, in all my years of riding a bike this has never happened, who was the guilty party who places the lives of there customers at peril, superstar components, super shit components more like, the next time I see the bloke at one of the 24hr races I attend I'm gonna stick said skewer up his kebab hole!!! Don't buy his product they are shite!! you can check out the shite here http://superstar.tibolts.co.uk/ Thanks to Jason my day was not ruined as he was off to do non bike related stuff, he kindly gifted me with a skewer from his bike so I could continue having fun, thank you kind sir.

Me and Dave set off to do another lap, and I nailed every part of the trail, even some black stuff (some of the black stuff is well scary, fall to the right fine, fall to the left good chance of death) I even started to get some air, cant wait to go back it's ace and I think a night ride is in order soon.

Get yourself there its a nice little run that's plenty of fun.


  1. if you like to hate super(shit)star components, look out for someone calling themselves "Tangobravo" all over the internet - methinks it's Neil pretending his components are actually any good:


    (the reviews actually made me laugh)

  2. What a cock, can mr tangobravo AKA "Ti Bolts" not be banned?