17 Jul 2009

Burn baby burn

It's been a while since I have done any restoration work, pic above is how it looked when i received said project. After three months of scrubbing, rubbing, polishing, sourcing and throwing hard earned cash at the project I have completed my 1985 Aero Pro Burner restoration. Pic below hopes you likes it, this will be on my wall of my new home when I move. Now I can throw all my spare time into my rider restoration, 1985 Haro it will be a thing of beauty.


  1. alright - see you like your old school bmxs - did a custom build for a guy on a haro rs3 replica the other week , looked smart as , next on his list is a haro master.


  2. Het Trail rat, glad you like, The RS3 sounds cool, link did not work BTW. I do like a pre 87 Haro im working on one atm, will post thread soon

  3. Hey Terry, you at the sits this coming weekend?

  4. no sorry wayne i have been a bit bogged down with injurys - can ride sometimes but its hit and miss at the moment. Dont want to be making big commitments like 24 hour races that are far away ! Staying in scotland this year keeping my head down and sorting out my hamstrings , it band and achillies. A winters touring did not have the desired effects at all !


    that should work

  5. Bummer, you will be missed. Hope you recover soon, take it easy Terry.