12 Sep 2009

1985 was the year, I was in my last year of school, riding a Raleigh Burner Aero pro pretty much all the time, paper round, to school, after school, Preston Pirates BMX track Saturday and Sunday. But I had a dream, I wanted a Haro freestyler, as did everyone. unfortunately I had the foolish notion that I had to grow up, pass exams, get a job and all that other grown up shit we have to do. I also had grown about two feet that year so bmx's looked a bit small for me, so inevitably i knocked it on the head.

Now 24 years and a few grey hairs later, I came across a Haro FST that was not completely trashed and set about restoring it, sourcing parts was hard and expensive, it's also taken 6 months to complete, its not a show bike, it's a rider so watch out kids an old man on a old bike is gonna show you how it's done down the new Preston Pirates BMX track very soon.

I may have grown up externaly, but inside I'm still the same little boy. (that sounds a bit wrong, but so what)

1985 Haro (custom) FST in day glow Green, enjoy

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