18 Apr 2010

It takes a while

Repairs to the cove where required before I could have some fun this weekend, so bish bash bosh repairs done, next it's me, seem to have trashed my right wrist at some point, gaffer tape, 2 nurofen and a carefully placed sweat band sort that out!!! zipp, click, click gear on and off I speed down the A6 on my way to Rivington.

Set off late so the roads are busy, the first challenge comes as I head out of Chorley, some one on skinny wheels passes me down the hill, I sense him laughing on the inside, slam down 2 gears, keep the power turning, I speed past him on the inside (cheeky) and say my goodbyes as I maintain a healthy 16mph up the climb to Fredricks ice cream parlour.

Rivington is busy, horses and people with dogs and stuff never mind Its all climbing on this part of the route, head down Farrell keep the legs turning, as I reach the pinnacle round these parts, its fun time, the bikes flowing and I'm pinning every section like a pro, I roll into Belmont with a sense of dread, I forgot the name of the road I was looking for ( i spent 15 mins looking for it this morning on my map) Everton, Beverington bollocksington??

I head up the high street, then back down, is this it? Egerton Road, this sweet piece of road (with a hellish climb) sent me round the back of Belmont reservoir, through the farm of the damned and onto the path me and Dave located last week, up to Tockholes into the woods, speeding past some weird Roman / Robin Hood (village people) re-enactment dungeons and dragons geek fest!! My Favorite section in the Abbey village woods was clear of human traffic, so me and the bike, got into symbiant mode and railed the woods, it was so good, on my return home my wrist felt better and my bike looked beautiful. It's not a bad loop and work will commence on knocking more road time off, when the wrist is stronger, riding a bike is ace I must do it more often. :-)

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