4 Apr 2010

Fleet Street

Easter kicked of with a large parcel, two new hubs and 64 new spokes. The Task at hand was to give the kiss of life to my Specialized Enduro, and give the Cove Stiffee a bit of TLC (shiny new parts).

Good Friday was written off due to some bad weather in Ireland that caused my parcel to be delivered late, so early Saturday morning I went about building/fettling with bike parts, two new wheels built and trued, new forks and brakes fitted to the cove, now came the hard bit, can I restore the front wheel on my Enduro, I was shocked with the results tbh, used hub, used spokes, used nipples, one hour later I had dialled in another wheel, maybe I am good at something.

With all my ninja wheel building skills exhausted I went out for a quick 4 miler on each bike to bed all the wheels in, I am well happy, I had to throw some money at each project as is the case when companies change the "INDUSTRY STANDARD" ( total contradiction in terms if you change the standard every season) just so they can make more money off poor bikers, who in turn don't help themselves by buying all that's new and shiny, cause we all want to look good, and the new parts will make us better riders!! back on topic, my fleet is ready, roll on nice weather.

Oh yes I'm a Ninja (wheel Builder) ;-)

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