19 Jun 2012

Where you been?

It's been a while hasn't it, what with work, house redecorations, walking the dog! training to attempt the Way of the roses coast to coast route in less than 24hrs (thanks Martin for all those massive hill routes you planned, did not feel like it at the time but I'm sure it has helped).

Busy is what its been, building @http://www.twinklydave.com/  race bike a couple of hours before he was due to jet for a major race in Italy (world solo 24hr championship), building my new 29er On-One Scandal in the same week, it all seems to have flown past.

Finally got some time off work to rest! but that's not gonna happen!   House still needs work, Wiggle Mountain Mayhem is at the weekend, and the way of the roses the weekend after, and just to keep me on my toes I have decided to apply for a new Job!

Besides all that I have had lots of fun riding with my mates this year, and Strava is keeping us more than honest, unlike some people on the site that seem to be able maintain 25mph off road on some pretty horrible climbs!! More about that soon!

I have started watching the weather for this years Mountain Mayhem, and after the last few years of dusty trails it looks like we may be in for a mud fest, so I may be in for a very busy weekend.

Time to push through and get back in the game.

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