16 Jul 2009

Run Rabbit Run

Today is a year on from Earls critical gastroenteritis (he ate a cow pat and became poorly ill) so as a treat I took him for a big walk in the woods। all was going well, throw ball, dog bring back ball receive a treat and repeat, then he bolted off towards a very old oak tree, Earl was digging away tail wagging. To my surprise a furry fat rabbit appeared off to Earls left, off he went at full pelt and landed right on top of said bunny. All I could think about was A) has he killed it B) What the hell do i do with it, if he has? No need to worry though , Earl was trying his best to hump said bunny!! and all this after I quote the vets exact words " he will be no trouble when you have him neutered, his urges will just disappear over night" well that was money well spent!! The rabbit did escape and back down to his/her warren. Earl took some convincing to leave the scene. and off we plodded home for tea and ice gems. I also got the chance to use my new fish eye lens on route.


  1. Hello
    Its Toni, I would like to steal your dog who is so cute I love him!

    Are you moving? I told Martin I had found your bike filled blog, he will no doubt be in touch after he has viewed your bike "stuff"!!

    Take care

  2. Hey Toni. it's good to know I can be found hope you an Martin a cool and the gang. Not moving yet but will be as soon as we can!!