21 Nov 2009

Kasabian MEN 20 Nov 09

Its Been a tough month November, Two job interviews, coupled with late nights at Royal Preston hospital with my Nan who is giving death a run for his money (god bless her) so me and the wife treated our selves to a night with Kasabian and Special Guest. The special guest where Reverend and the makers, who where ok, the female keyboard player was enough to keep us all happy with her side splitting dance moves.

Then the real deal came on stage, they where electrik, this is how it's done Oasis if your reading. The band went through a massive set list playing every song that counts club foot, fire, underdog, fastfuse, empire, shoot the runner, I don't think they missed any of their hits out, even an extended Swafiga which had this old fool dancing like an idiot!!! (See wedding pics to explain). Me and Jen had an excellent night and so did everyone else, Victoria station rang out to hundreds of fans singing L.S.F for over an hour whilst waiting for our trains to arrive. So glad we decided on standing tickets, the pogo is back and it rocks.

After such a good night I'm hopeful that things can return to normal for the remainder of the year, and I should post a biking related blog tomorrow. Stop, I said it's happening again!!!

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