10 Mar 2010

Getting Stronger

I could not believe my eyes when I pulled into the underground car park, it was on!!

I seemed a bit over excited as I finished my job, I got changed into my cycle wear like superman but with a little less dignity as I struggled to keep the disabled toilet door closed whilst pulling on various Lycra items, no time for idle chit chat with work mates. The words "Acquiring Satellites" has never been so frustrating "cumon", I press start and I'm off.

Bye Chris, flew from my mouth as I pass another work mate upon entering the park, which now resembles a scene from Apocalypse now, due to the "infestation" which means the trees must be felled, A quick look at the computer and its going well. I hit the bridge, time to get the head down and the legs spinning, I'm soon spinning out on my 42/16 single speed at 18mph, they don't know what I'm trying to do, but they all seem to want to stop me, first it's the dog walkers attempt, trying to convince the world they have control of their little wolf, a quick dab on the brakes gets me past without a glitch, head down "keep going Farrell your gonna do it" keeps filling my head.

Whilst climbing up the first short steep climb I pass two hoodies (they could quite honestly be really nice people, I don't care I want them out my way) blocking the gate, "SCUZEME" is forced out of my lips and they part giving me enough room and momentum to skim past. It's plain sailing for a while, no dogs no walkers a few nice fellow commuters with that " I'm so glad I'm not in a car " grin beaming across their faces, it's almost nirvana.

This is my last climb, it's plain spinning from here, a dog growls as I approach their pet from behind, he starts to panic but gets out of my way quick when he noticed my fingers where not covering my brakes, quickly across the road time for a short rest as my bike hitches a ride from good old gravity, not another dog and his pet this ones riding a super market bike "lush" (my brain is like that under pressure it bitches) he moves, I think he knows? I get lucky as I reach the bypass no cars coming, I'm back on cycle path in no time at all, quick look at the computer and it still looks good, I cut off through the back of the estate onto my road and slam on the brakes out side my house, I did it, I did not think I ever would but I had, I feel ACE!!!

The challange was to get to work and back within 35 mins, I have been trying for the last two months.
Total Time = 33.56, Total distance = 7.77 miles, Weapon = On One Inbred SS 32/16 gear ratio.
Next Challenge = sub 30 mins, the joys of a daily commute ;-)