21 Mar 2010

Fitness First

I awoke Sunday with the words from Thursday nights ride bouncing around in my nugget, "you need to improve your fitness for some of the epic rides I have planned for the summer" so out I went with the dog at 7.30 am, back home and into my super hero Lycra kit, no breakfast as I had stuffed my face at Inside out last night (very good food, http://www.insideoutrestaurant.co.uk/) the bike was still cacked up from Thursday night, quick clean of the chain and mech area and off I sped into the wilderness (local park).

It was nice being out so early, nobody about very little traffic, when I hit the woods at Abbey Village the world was slowly coming to life, couple of joggers with a dog both with Ipods on, just what I need. The climb up to Darwen tower felt like hell, but Dave's kind words kept me going.

The hard work over it's time for the fun, the descent from the tower was bumpy as hell, when I hit Tockholes things had started to get smooth, people where getting polite and moving out of my way (locals are ace) last off road climb, then its my favorite descent through the woods, I did not see a soul, and the run was perfect, slamming through the gears trying to attain maximum velocity, pouring myself around my steed with a flow I have not experienced for a long while, massive grin intact I headed home.

On the final climb home I was passed by two roadies, this was my chance to get a nice tow home, I tucked up behind them, it was then that I saw Dave heading the other direction off for fun in the woods, these two jokers in front of me where going too slow, the loud buzz of my fat arse tires was making them twitchy, I drop two gears and power past, they almost look shocked, I on the other hand look like a muddy blur to them, I don't call myself Fast Farrell for nothing!!!! lol. I think I'm falling in love again ;-)